Even more telling than the performance of our programs themselves, is the loyalty & positive feedback that they inspire in our customers.


“With only a few years left until I retire, I wanted to improve on my current investment portfolio. I had been involved in the property market for a long time and chose to run the SBL program as an alternative to another buy-to-let. It has proven to be a great option with returns about eight-fold what I would have made on the property.”

Doug R. Property Developer

“I really enjoyed taking the SBL DayTrader System Seminars. The course was great! It was a lot of information and I will have to digest it by studying it and of course tinkering with it all. But it was most interesting to me to learn new things about the way the markets work. Not only did I learn about the SBL trading strategies and system, but overall–the whole course allowed me to get a better insight into how the market does what it does and why. The more I learn, the more I understand. Now, I’ll see what I can come up with!!”

Mary P. Semi-Retired



“I enjoy running my own business but it can be up and down. I need a regular income to help me through the down times. SBL has provided me with the ideal solution. Furthermore I have made back a big chunk of what I lost in managed funds over the past few years.I thoroughly recommend it.”

Jeremy L. Baker

“As a beginner in the trading profession, I had no idea about the brilliant opportunities this profession could offer in terms of education, achieving goals and financial security until about six months ago. However, I am particularly impressed with SBL FX and the training, education and coaching that they have delivered to me. SBL offers great assurance about the possibility in achieving real success in the trading business.”

Patrick Y. Personal Trainer



“I’d always wanted to explore the stock market as a means of investment but never knew where to start. SBL offered an excellent starting point from which I am now confidently able to generate a regular income. I also have the support of a one-to-one account manager who has shown me rules and a trading plan to increase my profits and decrease my risk.”

Marjorie E. Teacher

“I’ve always earned a decent income, but with living expenses constantly rising I was never able to put money away. I started using SBL and after the first year I had £10,000 in savings sitting in my bank account”

Jonathan M. Landscape Gardener